(every Thursday at OOB — almost — I rant in list fashion; this week I bring you the best of FSN Red Wings analyst Mickey Redmond)

Things Mickey Redmond Says That Ya Gotta Love

1. Bingo-Bango. Normally uttered during a replay when Redmond talks about a bang-bang play in front of the net, or if a goal has been scored shortly after another.

2. Johnny-on-the-spot. Actually, this is more of a general hockey term, but Redmond says it a lot — plus I love it. Said when a player finds himself wide open, pouncing on a loose puck for a goal.

3. BC Two-hander. Presumably the BC stands for British Columbia. This is a blatant, two-handed slash.

4. Holy smokes! When Redmond can’t believe what he’s just seen — like a cheap penalty, for instance.

5. Oh my … they’re going to be livid on the bench. Another utterance after a cheap penalty.

6. Better keep your head up, son. When a player, 99% of the time a Red Wings’ opponent, gets drilled with a clean check because he wasn’t looking.

7. Hasek, no chance. As Redmond analyzes a replay of a goal that the Red Wings give up, rightly commenting that Dominik Hasek had, well, no chance.

8. For you young hockey players watching at home … When Redmond feels in “clinic” mode, schooling the youngsters about how the game should be played.

9. Like he’s got the puck on a string! Redmond says this after watching some brilliant stick-handling.

10. Now it’s time to just shut her down. When the Red Wings find themselves with a two-goal (or more) lead midway thru the third period.

11. So let’s keep her goin’. When the Red Wings are on a winning streak. Said during postgame wrap-ups.

12. Nobody home. When a player finds himself all alone in front of the net.

13. If it wasn’t for _______, the score could be ____ Detroit. Redmond will say this when the other team’s goalie “stands on his head.”

14. It’s just a one shot game, folks. When the Red Wings only have a one-goal lead when Redmond thinks they should have a larger cushion.

15. Penalty shot??! YES!! (or, “NO!”). Few things will get Redmond more excited than a fight, or a possible penalty shot.

16. When you go to the net, good things can happen. Usually said after a “garbage goal” off a rebound, or a tip-in.

They’re they are. Talk amongst yourselves. And remember, they’re just things.