(every Thursday at OOB I rant in list fashion. Last week it was Things Rich Rodriguez Should Know About U-M Football)

Other Things The Chicago Bulls Need To Do To Regain Respectability (Besides Firing Scott Skiles)

1. Activate Scott Skiles

2. See if Scottie Pippen is still interested in that comeback attempt, after all

3. Order mandatory ‘fros on every player — even the white guys

4. Feature Ben Wallace more in the offense

5. Move to the Eastern Confer — oh … never mind

6. Every Ben Wallace free throw made is now worth three points

7. Hire Devin Hester to lead the fast break

8. Eddie Sutton isn’t available, but how about Dick Motta?

9. Treat all visiting clubs to a free night of drinking on Rush Street the night before games

10. See if Roger Clemens can score them some ‘roids

11. Change the new PR strategy to “What happens to the Bulls in Chicago, STAYS in Chicago”