(just about every Thursday at OOB, I rant in list fashion. Last week it was Things That Made Prized Football Recruit Terrelle Pryor Choose Ohio State Over Michigan)

Things That The Pistons Are REALLY Thinking About While They Plod Through The Rest Of The Regular Season, Unable To Change Their Playoff Positioning

1. “WHICH team does Chucky Atkins play for again?”

2. “When did we get rid of Primoz Brezec?”

3. “How is that new Sonic Burger in Southgate?”

4. “I’m going to shoot my next free throw underhanded”

5. “I just realized: I’ve never seen Flip sit down — ever”

6. “Just for fun, let’s sign Bob Seger, Tommy Hearns, and Kid Rock for the rest of the season”

7. “Do these warmups make me look fat?”

8. “I forget: is it Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Bobcats, or the other way around?”

9. “I wonder what the record is for quickest time fouling out”

10. “You know what would be funny right now? An alley-oop to Lindsey Hunter”

11. “I still don’t know how to pronounce Cheikh Samb’s name”

12. “Is McDyess Irish?”