I’ve been a critic of the sports talk radio blabbermouths, which I figure I can do, as a card-carrying member of that bottom feeding club, aka bloggers and riff-raff journalists. I’m both of the latter, and an occasional member of the former; guilt by association.

Today, OOB joins other salacious curmudgeons like Big Al at Wayne Fontes, and is partnering with WDFN radio. “The Fan”‘s clickable logo appears on the sidebar now, and OOB postings will coincidentally appear on the WDFN site from time to time, along with stuff from the sister sites, Where Have You Gone, Johnny Grubb? and Spoiled Sports.

Thanks to WDFN Program Director Rona Danziger for extending the invite, no matter how cruel I’ve been to her jabberjaws in the past. It’s all good. Like she says, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t laugh at all. Plus, she’s good people — as are the folks at ‘DFN, despite what you may have read here previously. 🙂