(on most Thursdays at OOB, I rant in list fashion)

Things That Are Good About Tiger Woods Missing The Rest Of The 2008 PGA Season Due To Knee Surgery

1. Public now finally to be introduced to rest of the PGA Tour

2. Las Vegas golf odds makers who had been laid off, soon to be called back to work due to sudden increase in workload

3. Young golfers previously discouraged about wanting to join the tour now re-charged, knowing Woods might have a bum knee on occasion

4. Some lucky knee surgeon about to have his watershed moment

5. Young daughter to get a break from being a “golf brat”

6. Phil Mikkelson just hired marketing firm to promote him as “The Left-handed Tiger”

7. Absence finally opens a door for Hillary

8. Buick Open in Grand Blanc, MI now has openings for graduation parties and large group outings; call for details

9. Takes us back to the simpler times of 1996, when the economy was great, the housing market thrived, and we loved making Bob Dole jokes

10. General public about to be educated enough about knees to qualify for online medical degrees

11. An already sagging job market won’t be flooded by ex-pro golfers seeking work elsewhere!