Another episode of “The Knee Jerks” on Blog Talk Radio is in the books!

My weekly gabfest with Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience is now a 90-minute extravaganza, and we needed every one of those minutes to talk about what was a VERY busy week in the Detroit sports stratosphere.

Last night’s show was chock full of goodies….

We kicked things off with an interview with Tom Hannon, who runs and has written a book about Wiffle Ball (yep!) called Backyard Ball. Tom also has constructed a to-scale replica of Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field.

After Tom, Al and I delved into the chaos in Pistons Land, with free agents coming and going and the coaching job still vacant; the Red Wings losses in free agency; the Tigers’ feeble lineup; the Steve McNair tragedy; and our Jerks of the Week.

Some highlights:

Big Al (on the Pistons’ coaching search): “You throw enough money at someone, you’ll get them.”

(on the Red Wings losing Marian Hossa): “The Red Wings are the best-run organization in sports. If anyone can make up for Hossa’s loss, it’s the Red Wings.”

Eno (on Curtis Granderson): “I can’t believe he made the All-Star team, to tell you the truth. He’s fallen in love with the home run.”

(on the Tigers’ lineup): “I look at it and I think, ‘Where’s the pop?’ This is NOT a division-winning lineup, I’m sorry. They need a bat.”

There wasn’t even any time for Word Association!

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