It was a no-holds barred episode of “The Knee Jerks” last night on Blog Talk Radio, as Big Al and I welcomed former Detroit and New York broadcasting legend Bob Page to the program.

As expected (and hoped), Bob told it like it was. It was a wonderful first hour of a special, expanded, two-hour edition of TKJ.

Here are some highlights:

On being down on major league baseball: “After the 1994 strike, when they canceled the World Series, I was essentially done. You think I’m going to pay to see that nonsense?”

On his time in Detroit: “It’s my hometown, and always will be. I would have liked to have come back and done something in Detroit, but it’s a soft market and everyone is afraid of their own shadow.”

On working in New York: “They brought me in the back door, on a little-known network and a little-known show. Other guys, like Eli Zaret and Bernie Smilovitz, were brought in as these big stars. Maybe that’s why I lasted so long and they didn’t.”

On New York as a sports town: “I will tell you that New York is, by far, the most overrated sports town. By far.”

On the U-M football program: “Les Miles should be the coach at Michigan. All (AD) Bill Martin had to do was call Les, say, ‘It’s time to come home. We don’t care what you’re making at LSU.’ And Les would have been on the next plane. Bill Martin screwed that up terribly!”

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Tune in, and after Bob, Al and I talked Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings, plus named our respective Jerks of the Week (mine wasn’t even about sports!).

You can listen to the show here: