There’s a new drinking game that might sweep the nation.

If you were to take a shot of liquor every time Big Al or I said the word “shame” last night on “The Knee Jerks”, then you’d likely be hungover this morning.

So what was so shameful?

The sorry financial state of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. The loss of the Buick Open, and perhaps the Belle Isle Grand Prix. The way Lions third string QB Drew Stanton has been treated in Detroit. And more!

The first 45 minutes of last night’s show were spent with former WDFN and WRIF morning man and current Free Press blogger Jamie Samuelsen, who regaled us with some back stories of why WDFN fizzled out, and mused about the landscape of sports talk radio in Detroit, present and future. We also got his take on the Lions and Tigers. It was a very fun and fast 45 minutes.

Then, it was on to Detroit sports proper.

The highlights:

Big Al

On the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame: “This is disturbing news. How are they $150,000 in debt with no overhead?”

On the early raves about Lions rookie QB Matthew Stafford: “I’m not going to allow myself to get excited. I want to see him in game situations first. I want to see it to believe it.”

On the Tigers not getting a bat at the trade deadline: “(GM) Dave Dombrowski didn’t do his job. He had a job to do, and that was to get a bat, and he didn’t do it.”


On the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame: “I know some things that I can’t say on the air, but I can tell you that when this stuff hits the fan, someone’s going down, because some of this stuff seems pretty heinous.”

On Matthew Stafford: “The thing I like about what they’re saying about Stafford is the intangibles, like grasping the offense and having command and a presence in the huddle. I like that more than the physical tools.”

On the Tigers: “If the Tigers lose the division because they couldn’t score some freaking runs, then Dave Dombrowski ought to be fired.”

You can listen to the episode by clicking HERE